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Bicycle Safety: Rules of the road that may save your life!

Here are some guidelines from Urban Cycling Safety:1
  1. Stay Protected: Put on a helmet.
  2. Act Like a Car: Drivers know how other drivers act; just because you can doesn't mean you should weave through different lanes. If you're predictable and check around for traffic, you will be much safer.
  3. Keep Visible: If a car can see you, the driver is not as likely to accidentally hit you. If you must ride at night, wear reflective clothing and lights.
  4. Keep Focused: Don't chat on the phone or wear headphones on a bicycle.
  5. Look, Signal, Look: Use your hand signals to inform drivers where you intend to move next. Be sure to make eye contact as you signal, and watch before making your turn; never assume the driver will stop.
  6. Obey Traffic Laws: This one goes hand-in-hand with acting like a car. Obey the same laws and signs as the car would.
  7. Avoid Obstacles: As long as you're alert, you'll see obstacles ahead of time to avoid.
  8. Check Bike: Is the bicycle properly comfortable and set up for your ride?
  9. Stay With Traffic: If you will ride your bicycle like a car, you must move in the same direction. Moving against traffic will distract you and other drivers.
  10. Double-Check Bike: Make sure your wheels and breaks are fine.
We have listed a guide to New Jersey State Bicycle and Pedestrian laws. Other states have laws that vary from New Jersey and are also listed below. The laws should be adhered to when riding in that state.
      State Laws                                                 Additional Information

  1. New Jersey Guide to Bicycle and Pedestrian Law      New Jersey Bicycle Law       New Jersey Bicycle Manual
  2. Connecticut Bicycle Law
  3. Delaware Bicycle Law
  4. Maine Bicycle Law
  5. Massachusetts Bicycle Law
  6. New Hampshire Bicycle Law
  7. New York Bicycle Law             Safety Tips from the NY DOT
  8. Pennsylvania Bicycle Law       PA Bicycle Manual  from the PA DOT
  9. Rode Island Bicycle Law 
  10. Vermont Bicycle Law
  11. Virginia Bicycle Law

Many state laws cover a minimal amount relating to bicycle safety such as how to make proper turn, riding in traffic, being seen by other cars (not just in what you're wearing but how your riding, and much more.  The PA bicycle drivers manual is also an excellent guide.  The NJ Bicycling Manual is probably the most complete guide we have seen to safe riding and safety techniques (note pages 11- 25). The PA bicycle drivers manual above is also a good guide. 

1. For more details and videos see A Complete Guide to Cycling Safely in the City  from Urban Cycling (thanks Carolyn).  

Bicycle Safety: Rules of the Road
Anthony Marchand bicycle repair and maintenance information and tips