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Quick Bike Repairs

  • PRE RIDE BIKE CHECK from tony10speed: A quick pre·bike ride check, something you should do before you head out on your bike EACH RIDE to ensure all is functional and prevent breakdowns.
  • Bike Noise: from  Bike Noise Knowing where the noise is coming from can lead to a quick on the road repair. Shown here are the ones you can do on the road.
  • Brake Adjustments from Quick on the road adjustment. If needed, you can use the tools on your multi·tool that you carry in your pack (you do have one, don't you?).  
  • Broken Chain Repair from 
    1. Tip 1:  Ask your shop for your old chain when you get yours replaced and practice at home as shown in the video.
    2. Tip 2:   On the road broken chain repair: How to fix a partially broken chain in cases where the chain has not come off the bike.
    3. Tip 3:   If your chain comes off, after repair, how do I reinstall the chain?.
  • Broken Chain from cjhoyle: This is a quick tutorial on repairing bike chains which works for road,hybrid, or mountain bikes. The bike CJ is using looks kind of beat up because it has traveled a lot of distance and has seen a lot of extreme weather conditions. It has survived through daily use in 3 Canadian winters and this is the first time the chain has failed. Also see Broken Chain - Overview, Broken Chain Part 2 (while chain still on bike) and Broken Chain Part 3 (if chain comes off the bike) from tony10speed.
  • Broken Rear Derailleur Cable from  One of these quick on the road bike repairs may allow you to get back home or to your car.
  • Broken Spoke from
    1. Broken Spoke Part 1 from  Note: This quick fix may not always work but it's worth a try. Make sure the broken spoke is firmly wrapped out of the way. Ride slowly, but, it's gotten me home from 20 miles away. A nice quick on the road repair.
    2. Broken Spoke Part 2 from  A closer look on truing the wheel if you snap a spoke or your wheel becomes out of true while on the road.
  • Chain Rub on the Front Derailleur  from Quick easy adjustment, but be cautious and only turn the limiting screws 1/4 of a turn at a time until you get rid of the rub. Turning the limiting screw to much will result in a "dropped chain".
  • Crank Brothers Speed Tire Lever  An easy and quick method for getting the last part of the tire over the rim after replacing the tube.
  • Dropped Chain Part 2    from Easy ways to get your chain back on, sometimes without stop. Other times, stopping and not getting your hands dirty.
  • Dropped Chain Part 1    from Easy fix by adjusting the front derailleur limiting screws. Be sure your in the inner chain ring when turning the outer limiting screw and the outer chain ring when turning the inner limiting screw to relieve pressure on the screws. Turn the limiting screws 1/4 of a turn at a time until the problem is eliminated. Turning to far will prevent shifting to the other chain ring, in which case you will just have to turn the limiting screw back out just a bit.
  • Electrical Tape from Comes in handy to hold broken cables out of the way and fix unraveling handlebar tape, among other uses.
  • First Aid Kit from What you need to carry for those first aid emergencies.
  • Flat Tire Repair from Method with tips not explained in most bike flat repair videos.
  • Additional Flat Tire Repair Tips
    1. Tip 1:  Quick way to check the tire before installing a new tube.
    2. Tip 2:  Patch Kit for the time you have 1 more flat then you have spare tires.
    3. Tip 3:  Spare tire prep that can save you from a pinch flat when you replace a tube.
    4. Tip 4:   The easy way to get the last bit of tire up and over the wheel rim by hand.
    5. Tip 5:   Tips on fixing a rip in the sidewall of your tire to get you back home.
  • Front Triple Derailleur Adjustment  Does your triple skip the middle chain ring or not shift to one of the triple rings. Quick adjustment using the barrel adjuster on the left side of the down tube will solve the problem.
  • Headset Adjustment  from Jules of evanscyles:  Adjusting the headset is an easy fix and can prevent potentially serious accidents. Quick and easy, adjustment can be done out on the road if you carry a multi·tool.
  • Rear Derailleur Adjustment   Does your chain jump to another cog without shifting and jump back again. Here's an explanation of how the derailleur operates and how to make quick on the road adjustments using the barrel adjuster on the down tube or derailleur itself.
  • Rear Wheel Removal and Installation from Rear Wheel Removal and Installation: Trick of the trade in quick and easy rear wheel removal and installation.
  • Stiff Chain Link from tony10speed:  While loosening the stiff link, carefully examine the chain for wear or partial breakage. On a new chain, the attaching pin may have just been put on to tight and loosing will cure the problem. Yet again, the pin could have been assembled incorrectly, one of the plate of the pin may have partial come off the link or the chain may have a defect. Exam closely and consider a new chain if the problem recurs or happens to more then one link.
  • Unraveling Handlebar Tap:  from That what the electrical tape is for (see above)
  • Zip Ties:  from Quick on the road fix for broken pump mounts, saddle bag straps, seat post bolts and more.

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Listed here are quick on the road bicycle repairs that require only a few tools that most of us carry in our saddle bags: tire levers, a small mini tools or screw driver, a spare tire and a bicycle pump or CO2 cartridge. If your mini tool has a chain tool built in, chain repair can also be performed.

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Quick on the Road Bicycle Repairs

Anthony Marchand bicycle repair and maintenance information and tips