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Bicycle Repair tips

  • Lennard Zinn's &The Art of Road Bike Maintenance  Zinn, Lennard 4th Ed, Velo Press, 2011, ISBN 1-931382-59-X.   -  One of the best bicycle repair books for the novice or expert.
  • Bicycle Anatomy  Knowing the basic names of bicycle components will aid you when reading about and performing bicycle repairs.
  • Chain Replacement using Master Links   from tony10speed: Tips on using master links for quick chain installation and removal. Several inexpensive tools can make the process easy chain repairs easy. 
  • Down Tube Barrel Adjusters  The importance of barrel adjusters lies in the fact that you can make bike adjustments to your shifting on the fly. It's an easy bicycle repair. Here's how. 
  • Gearing Down Your Bike  Install Lower Gears to Climb those hills! Here's how to make those component replacement and make the correct adjustments.
  • Lubricants, Oils and GreaseWhich products do I use? Bicycle lubricants, oil, and grease vary according to the composition of your bicycle at it's best performance saving on bicycle repairs. The lubs etc. you intend to use depend on the bicycle components and riding conditions. Click here to find out. 
  • Triple Derailleur Adjustment  Want your triple to shift smoothly and efficiently, Simple adjustments and you have it working perfectly. You'll note the better bicycle performance.
  • Torque Ranges  Don't Screw Up Your Bike when making bicycle repairs or bicycle adjustments: Use a Torque Wrench! Over tightening the bolts or screws on you bicycle can lead to disastrous results.
  • The Bicycle Wheel by Jobst Brandt, 3rd Edition, Avocet Inc. available from   Amazon   An easy to read guide on building your own wheel starting on page 83. Don't forget to order the proper spoke length and use spoke prep prior to use. There are 2 on line spoke calculators: ProWheelBuilder  and Eds Spoke Calculator   
  • I also recommend Lennard Zinn's Mountain Bike Repair DVD     Note: much also applies to road bikes. Here you'll find mountain bicycle repairs, bicycle adjustment, and more to prolong the life of your bike and increase performance.

More Bicycle Repair Tips

Anthony Marchand bicycle repair and maintenance information and tips

More detailed information on proper bicycle repair for those interested in doing home repairs. These are keys to understanding bicycle repair from the use of the correct lubricants to use of a Torque wrench to prevent disastrous results and keep your bike in top condition.