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Bike Maintenace Tips

Anthony Marchand bicycle repair and maintenance information and tips

Here are a host of useful bicycle maintenance tip that your can should perform on a regular basis.These bicycle tips supply a little more insight and detail for normal bicycle maintenance to better improve performance and prevent needless bicycle repairs.

Bicycle Maintenance Tips

  • Bicycle Maintenance and Repair Schedule The exact bike schedule varies with weekly miles and weather conditions, but this is a good guide to follow.
  • Bicycle Anatomy  Knowing the basic names of bicycle components will aid you when reading about and performing bicycle maintenance.
  • Overlooked Areas of Maintenance  Don't forget these area of maintenance to keep your bicycle running at full performance.
  • Bike Noise   The best method to locate bike noise so adequate measures can be taken before part failure or breakage occurs. Perform bicycle maintenance before it's to late.
  • Carbon Fiber Care Bicycles  Tips that might save your bike and you!
  • Cleaning - CamelBk and Bottles  Mold can build up in your hydration gear, even in the tops of the water bottles, especially when using a sports drink. Here's the best tips to cleaning your bottle or CamelBk.
  • 4 Ways to Decrease Chain Wear  Decrease the wear and tear on your bicycle chain and make your whole drive train last longer.
  • Down Tube Barrel Adjustments  The importance of barrel adjusters lies in the fact that you can make bike adjustments to your shifting on the fly.
  • Lubes, Oil and Grease  Use of the correct bicycle lubricants, oils and grease on different component is essential to maintenance. It varies with the component and whether it's made of steel, titanium or carbon fiber. Here's what you should know.

We will be adding maintenance tips for road and mountain bike each month. If there are videos see our section on "Bicycle Maintenance Videos" and note our section on "More Bicycle Tips." Also, if you have suggestions, feel free to contact us so we can add them to the above (with a credit to you of course).