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Keychain Emergency Kit
Anthony Marchand first aid and safety information

Carrying a few small devises on your key chain can make the difference between life or death. Your first step if you suspect a heart attack, acute allergic reaction or the victim loses consciousness, is to have some one call 911 and if the patient is not breathing, have some one look for an AED and while you start CPR. If your alone, first call 911, look for an AED, then start CPR.

Here are the essentials for the mini Keychain Emergency Kit that fit attaches to your regular key chain, is light and compact, and one can carry in their pocket:
  1. Includes a waterproof keychain pill case1: 4 for $6.91 Within it I carry:
    1. Carry 4 chewable baby aspirin 85 mg apiece: If you suspect someone is having a heart attack, give all 4 (easier to chew then a regular aspirin) and may be lifesaving by decreasing vascular clotting.
    2. 4 chewable 25 mg Benadryl tabs: Give 2 immediately if an individual appears to have an allergic reaction and does not carry epi-pen or forgot to bring it with them as you wait for help to arrive. The situation is different for wilderness situations and is covered under tony10speed.org.2
  2. Keychain ambu bags for CPR resuscitations. Instructions are directly on the cover. Note, you will need to pinch the nose when giving breaths (see our video Use of a Mini Ambu Barrier Shield).3 Doesn't replace the larger Ambu Bags recommended by the Red Cross but are much easier to carry when limited space is a necessity or those who don't want to carry the larger bulkier Ambu bag.4
    1. The one sold by SOSO Wilderness Medical School has protective barrier gloves included with the CPR mask and sells for $7 for a set of three. 5, 6
    2. Amazon also sell keychain Ambu bags but they do not include protective gloves. They are slightly small and sell for around $13.49 for a set of six.7
    3. The masked are marked to show use.
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  • Finally, you can wrap the pill case with strips of duct tape, use to hold any kind of bandaging in place (I also have it for emergency bicycle repairs such as holding a broken derailer cable out of the way so it doesn't get tangled in your wheels and toss you off your bike).
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    Keychain Emergency Kit