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Cheap bicycle tools from your grocery or hardware store

Not all bicycle tools come from expensive bicycle stores or online bicycle internet site. Some are cheap bicycle tools from your local grocery store or Walmart. They can save you time and effort in performing bicycling maintenance. Here are a just a few:
  1. Rubbing Alcohol:
    • Clean the rims of your wheels to remove the oil and grease and thus, keep your brakes gripping firmly.
  2. Cue Tips:
    • Cue Get at those hard to reach spots of grease and dirt. A cheap but very useful tool. Definitely a grocery store cheap bicycle tool.
  3. Toothbrush:
    • Use an old toothbrush to get at those hard to reach areas to clean the dirt away. The tooth brush will not damage the frame but does a great job cleaning.
  4. Stiff Brass Bristle brush:
    • A semi-stiff brush with brass bristles  can be used when cleaning your bicycle chain to removed dirt and grease from between links. Softer nylon bristles may not due the job and stiffer steal may damage the chain.
  5. Nail Polish:
    • Buy the right color and touch up those knick's and chips. Otherwise, but clear gloss which will at least protect against rust or further chipping.
  6. Baby Powder:
    • Before packing a spare tire in you bicycle pack, slightly inflate the tire, sprinkle with baby powder - rubbing your hand over it to evenly coat the tire, the wrap in plastic wrap or a zip lock baggy to keep it dry in the rain. The baby powder allows the tube to slide up and into the tire, preventing pinch flats. See our video How To Fix A Fat Tire.
  7. Plastic Wrap or Zip Lock Buggies:
    • As above, wrap your spare tire after coating with baby powder, in plastic wrap or a zip lock baggy to keep it dry in the rain. See our video Storing Your Spare Time.
  8. Electric Tape:
    • Clean with alcohol the underside of the down tube and place a 6 inch strip of black electric tape on the underside. Rub it so it holds tight. It's there for when you handle bar tape rips or becomes unraveled (as well as use for other purposes such as keeping a broken cable out of the way). It's amazing how long it adheres to the down tube, even after rain and muddy conditions. The tape is also used to hold the cables running under the bar tape to the handlebars and a number of miscellaneous uses.
  9. Zip-Ties (the long and thicker ties):
    • I've used these ties to temporarily repair bike rakes, saddle bags, broken saddles bolts, keep broken spokes, fenders' loose housing and cables out of the way. Keep a few in your saddle bag. Definitely a grocery store cheap bicycle tool.
  10. Hair Spray:
    • Spay it on your mountain bike handle bars before sliding on the grips. The spay becomes sticky and keeps the grips from falling off.
  11. Box Knife:
    • To slice off the electric tape that holds the cable housing to the handlebars when replacing the housing. You'll also need it to open those boxes of spare parts ordered from your favorite on-line bicycle shopping site.
  12. Goo-Be-Gone;
    • From your online  The Drug Store or local grocery or hardware store.  Use to get that extremely gooey stuff off the handlebars when replacing the bar tap. Be careful not to get it on your bike decals (also great to take label stuck on new wine and beer glasses).
  13. Shoe Mink Oil (p.s. for the environmentalist, it is not make from minks but is a synthetic):
    • From  Mink Oil for Shoes  or your local grocery or hardware store. Protect and clean the leather on your bike shoes to make them look and last longer. Apply like shoe polish every few months or after bicycling in the rain.
  14. WD-40:
    • Used with baking soda, it's a great way to remove grease from cycling clothing (watch for an up-coming video). Some use WD-40 as a chain clearer. Spay it on, let it sit, then wipe it off. Then lube with the same can of WD-40.
  15. Silicone Spay:
    • Pedal squeak where they meet the bicycle shoe? Spay a tad of Silicone spay on the pedal (just a little bit). Does marvels. Available from your local NAPA or auto supply shop.

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