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  1. Warm Up, Cool Down, Yoga and Stretching:
    • Controversy over Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS)   -   New study suggest stretching may not prevent delayed onset muscle soreness occurring one to two days after exercise. However, warm up is important in preventing muscle injury. Results a recent Yoga study found that peak muscles soreness was reduced if a short Yoga session was performed. READ THIS ARTICLE.
    • Stretching The Long and Short of It   Stretching is often overlooked as we go about our exercise routines whether it be cycling, running or other sport. Stretching can be helpful, but only if done at the proper time and with good technique.
    • Is  Cool_Down  at the end of exercise a myth? More to come.
    • Why You Need An Active Warm-Up     Lance Armstrong's strength coach, Peter Park, leads a quick and effective warm-up routine to get you muscles firing and ready to build power.
    • Cycling Warm-Up Exercise Video     Exercise routine designed to warm-up before cycling. Visit: http://www.GoMoji.com. Demonstrated by fitness expert, Andrea Metcalf and narrated by fitness expert, Sean Lee from the Moji Fitness Team.
    • Warm Up Before You Exercise     By Elizabeth Quinn, About.com - Most athletes perform some type of regular warm-up and cool down during training and racing. A proper warm up can increase the blood flow to the working muscle which results in decreased muscle stiffness, less risk of injury and improved performance. Additional benefits of warming up include physiological and psychological preparation.
    • YOGA FOR CYCLING     A quick, effective, sequence to help cyclists re-a;regain and strengthen the body to bike better and longer. Do this after the ride to gain movement, more muscle and less soreness.
    • Stretching While You Watch     From the Stretching Institute, perform these 10 minute stretching while watching this video. Stretching may not prevent Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) but will help in flexibility.
    • Eight stretching exercises for cyclists     By Sam Murphy, Cycling Plus, eight super exercises to stretch those muscles and tendons to prevent pain and problems.
    • Best Stretches for Cycling     By Elizabeth Quinn, About.com Guide
  2. Self Massage: See our YouTube playlist on Self Massage   as well as the section on this site.
  3. Cycling Exercises and Training:
    • Climbing:  Learn how to climb better on a bike when training for cycling. Some great tips to get you to the top of that climb.
    • Tips On Cycling Up Hills  Dan covers pacing, technique on the bike, climbing in and out of the saddle, and nutrition and hydration. Apply some of these tips and you will undoubtedly see the benefit in your climbing ability.
    • Corner Like a Pro   How to corner like a pro from Tony of tony10speed.
    • Safe and Efficient Starts   Start when the light changes both safely and efficiently from Tony of tony10speed.
    • Brake Like a Pro   How to brake like a pro from Tony of tony10speed. Learn to use your front brake and to brace your arms against the handlebars in emergency stops. Also tips on braking under wet conditions, in turns or on sand. Mountain bikes require similar but added features.
    • How to Ride on Gravel   from Tony of tony10speed.
    • Cadence and Pedal Efficiency   How to improve cadence and pedal efficiency from Tony of tony10speed.
    • Pedal Stroke  How to pedal smoothly and efficiently - faster for longer.
    • Endurance Rides   Graeme Street from cyclecore  shares some common mistakes for going long and endurance ride events and how to avoid them and improve your long ride endurance.
    • Limitations of Your Power Meter By Neil Bezdek, Bicycle.com, July 2016
    • Training: Exercises you can do off the bike     By Matthew Barbour of bikeradar, excellent set of exercises demonstrated by Alberto Contadors.
    • Core routine for cyclists  by Luke Ray from BalancePointRacing: Core exercises to do at home.
  4. More
    • Motivation  Maintaining motivation during the season and especially in those cold weather months is a challenge. Here are some tips that may help you.
    • 11 Ways to Boost Motivation   As time progresses during the season, sometimes you just need a little boost to get motivated to jump on the bike and get going. Here's how from active.com
    • 4 Reasons Why Cyclists Should Learn to Relax  Learning to relax as you cycle, especially climbing, descending and hard efforts, burns less energy and reduces muscle tension in the arm and shoulder. Read more.
    • How and When to Hydrate from Tony of tony10speed: Myths dispelled, proper hydration for both the non athlete and athlete."
    • Wet Weather Riding   Tips on what you need to know if you get caught in the rain: Clothing, safety, bicycle handling techniques.
    • Cold Weather Cycling  Tips from tony10speed including alternate winter training routines, how to use an indoor stationary bike without all the boredom, outdoor winter road cycling, nutrition and more.
    • Cold Weather Apparel   How should you dress for those really cold days. Tips on base layer, balaclava, toe warmers and use of " hunters foot warmers " inside a cut portion of dress sock to keep your hands warm below 32 °.
    • Hand and Toe Warmers  Tips to keep your hands and toes warm and comfortable even when the temperature is below freezing. Note the unusual way to use " hunter's foot warmer" for your hand.
    • Winter Training Bicycle fitness tips for cold weather from Ned Overend: "My winter approach is different. I train with weights to get overall body conditioning. I want to strengthen the muscles that mountain biking misses as well as the muscles it uses. I do other sports for fun, variety and their aerobic benefits. I take some casual rides to keep me accustomed to pedaling. Sometimes I ride indoors when the weather prohibits getting out on my bike for an extended period. But I don't force myself to follow a rigid program, and I make sure <never> to get tired. Using this approach I feel refreshed and hungry for harder training when spring begins."
    • Winter Hydration Dehydration CAN be a negative factor for some riders, even in winter, especially due to body fluid balance influencing a wide range of physiological responses and functions.
    • 9 Nutritional Tips for Winter Cycling from John Hughes of Active.com
    • Training and Fitness Bicycle fitness tips from Bicycle Magazine: Skip the ad and view the many multiple summer and windter training and fitness tips.
    • Form and Technique Bicycle fitness tips from cptip.com: This page will compile a number of comments on form and technique.
    • Seat Height from Active.com: An excellent video on how to adjust your seat height for maximum strength and COMFORT.
    • Ab Isolation Exercise Video: Bicycle fitness tips and exercise video from Expert Village for strengthening the abdominal core muscles necessary for strength and comfort in bicycling.
    • Core Exercises: Plank and Variation: Excellent exercise video to strengthen your core through the use of the "plank" and it's variations.

    If there is intense pain, swelling, or persistent pain in the purposed solutions above, consult your physician or medical professional for treatment.

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