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Our director, Tony Marchand has over 30 years of experience in bicycle repairs and bicycle maintenance. His staff and consultants also have extensive knowledge of bicycle repairs and maintenance. We have worked with a variety of bicycle brands and are interested in innovation, new techniques as well as fitness and training in the world of cycling.

Tony is also an M.D. with emergency room experience in the U.S. Army as well as a General Medical Officer and was awarded the highest non-combat award by the Surgeon General for his work on setting up the Army's Physician Assistant Program. We provide a link on the home page to Emergency First Aid for the non medically trained individual which has proven effective out on the road when there is a delay in the arrival of emergency medical services.

We will try to answer your question on bicycle maintenance and as promptly as possible. If we don't have the resources, we do have extensive bicycle repair and bicycle maintenance references and links.

Also see out YouTube site tony10speed  for recent videos that you may find helpful in repair, maintenance, fitness and performance.