Anthony Marchand Bicycle Repair And Maintenance information And Tips

Below are links to bicycle repair videos from basic to more advance repair. Note: There may be more then one video for a specific bicycle repair since equipment and techniques vary. In such cases, view all the related videos to obtain a complete overview. Also see our bicycle maintenance video. Let me know if you have other favorites: Contact Us.

Bike Repair Videos

Anthony Marchand bicycle repair and maintenance information and tips

Created by Tony Marchand

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Bicycle Repair Videos

  • Lennard Zinn's &The Art of Road Bike Maintenance  Zinn, Lennard 4th Ed, Velo Press, 2011, ISBN 1-931382-59-X.   -  One of the best bicycle repair books for the novice or expert.
  • Cable Replacement:
    1. Front Cable Replacement     From tony10speed .
    2. Rear Cable Replacement     From tony10speed .
    3. Cable Replacement For Various Types of Road and Mountain Bikes     From Jules of evenscycle .
    4. Cable Replacement (cables that run under the bar tape)   -  From Velotique.
  • Cassette Gear Removal and Installation   From Velotique, an excellent video for removal and installation or replacement.
  • Cargo Rack Installation     Bicycle cargo rack intallation from Velotechique.
  • Chain Tool Use  Demonstration and tips on use. See how to install a SRAM master link and Shimano replaceable link. Also see my broken chain videos for further understanding of how to use a chain tool.
  • Chain Replacement Technique from tony10speed: (Also see Chain Replacement using Master Links below) Tips on bicycle chain removal, tools required including making a simple chain de-tensioner, and measuring your new chain to accommodate a master link (quick link) which allows for easy future removal and installation
  • Chain Replacement using Shimano reinforcement connecting pin   Another video from SportsWorldTri. Replacement of an Shimano chain using a Shimano reinforced connecting pin.
  • Chain Replacement using Master Links   from tony10speed: Tips on using master links for quick chain installation and removal. Several inexpensive tools can make the process easy. 
  • Chain Wear: How to check for worn chain from tony10speed: An excellent video on how to check for worn chain using the inexpensive Park CC3.2 chain tool. A must view bicycling maintenance video.
  • Emergency On the Road Repairs  from tony10speed. What you need to know to make quick on the road bicycle repairs to get you home quickly and safely.
  • Emergency On The Road Chain Repair     From MEC bicycle repair videos. You are removing two links (shows you but doesn't mention it) so the closed end lines up with the open end. The chain will now be shorter, so try not to use the big chain ring with the big cogs and visa versa. Be sure to put a new chain on when you return home in case other links are bad.
  • Flats: How to fix a flat tire     from tony10speed this is the way it should be done (as apposed to most videos out there).
  • Additional Flat Tire Repair Tips
    1. Tip 1:  Spare tire prep that can save you from a pinch flat when you replace a tube.
    2. Tip 2:  Quick way to check the tire before installing a new tube.
    3. Tip 3:  Patch Kit for the time you have 1 more flat then you have spare tires.
  • Hub Overhaul   How to Overhaul a bicycle Hub from expertvillage.
  • Threadless Head Set Adjustment  From tony10speed: Movement or clunking in the fork, headset, stem or handlebars on braking usually means the headset need adjustment. We'll show you how.
  • Wheel Removal    A bicycle repair video on back and front wheel removal from Marc Dival of Bikewagon
  • Truing a Bicycle Wheel   How to True a Bicycle Wheel.
  • Wheel Dishing   A video for the more advanced mechanic from Mike at the Bike Tube.
  • Howcast    Many very excellent bike repair videos.
  • The Ultimate Bike Repair   Kob Fu long video explains repairs using a mountain bike, however, most adjustments also apply to road bikes. An excellent bicycle repair video.
  • Advanced Threadless Headset Adjustment   A long but complete video on how a threadless bicycle headset works and how to make adjustments from WheeliePete.