Below are references for bicycle maintenance videos from basic to more advanced maintenance . Also see "Bicycle Repair Videos." Let me know if your have other favorite (contact us). Also see: Bicycle Maintenance Schedule.

Bicycle Maintenance Videos

  • Lennard Zinn's &The Art of Road Bike Maintenance  Zinn, Lennard 4th Ed, Velo Press, 2011, ISBN 1-931382-59-X.   -  One of the best bicycle repair books for the novice or expert.
  • PRE AND POST RIDE BIKE CHECK from Tony Marchand: A quick pre·bike ride check, something you should do before you head out on your bike EACH RIDE to ensure all is functional and prevent breakdowns. He also performs post·ride clean up and check.
  • Basic Bicycle Maintenance Very basic bicycle maintenance YOU SHOULD be doing routinely from Schwinn Bicycles.
  • Brake Adjustments    How to adjust your brakes from tony10speed.
    1. Final Brake Check  from tony10speed. Brake pad alignment, centering and brake pad toe·in, important bicycle maintenance.
    2. Adjusting V·Brakes  found on many touring and mountain bikes from SFMTNS.
  • Cleaning Tips after Wet Weather Riding  from tony10speed: Cleaning tips after riding in wet weather or on wet road to keep your bike in top condition and prevent wear and tear from grit and grime.
  • Cleaning Bike Apparel  from tony10speed: Tips on the most effective way to clean and protect your bicycle clothes, helmet, shoes and more and make them last.
  • Cassette Wear Indicator from tony10speed:
    1. How to use a 9 or 10 speed Cassette Wear Indicator  Does your cassette need to be replace every time you take it into the shop? We explain how to build a 9 or 10 speed cog wear indicator for you to know whether the cassette need to be replaced.
    2. How to Build a 10 speed Cassette Wear Indicator  Only 9 speed cog wear indicators are available from Rohloff HG/IG Sprocket Wear Indicator   but we'll show you how to build a 10 speed wear indicator. In the long run, it will save you money!
  • Cleaning and Lubricating Your Chain  from tony10speed bicycle videos: Keep your drive train running like a pro and decrease wear, tear and frequent replacement.
  • Chain: How to check for wear from tony10speed: An excellent video on how to check for worn chain using the inexpensive Park CC3.2 chain tool. A must view bicycling maintenance video.
  • Deailleur: Rear Derailleur Adjustment    Fine tuning the rear derailleur from Nico Van Der Merwe.
  • Deailleur: Front Triples Derailleur Adjustment  From tony10speed: How to adjust your front derailleur on the fly (while you're riding) it skip the middle chain ring (over-shifts) or doesn't shift from the small to middle chain ring (under-shift).
  • Deailleur: Advanced Front Derailleur Adjustment    from sweetsbench.
  • Lubricating Pivot Points:  from tony10speed bicycle videos: Decrease the wear and tear on your bike components by lubricating the pivot points on the derailleurs and brakes.
  • Minimal Requirements for Home Bicycle Maintenance  from tony10speed. Space, lighting, types of bicycle stands and essential tools needed to start home maintenance. Tools include best chain wear indicator, hex wrenches, tire levers, speed lever, lubricants and more. From the grocery store you can buy rubbing alcohol, cue tips, electrical tape among others.
  • Seat Height Adjustment    Seat height adjustment from Active expert Gail Bernhardt.
  • Tire Inflation Tips:
    1. Tire Inflation Tips  from tony10speed bicycle videos: How to position the tire prior to inflation and the best pressure for inflation and more.
    2. More Tire Inflation Tips  from tony10speed bicycle videos: Tips on presta valves, using your floor pump, inflating with a CO2 cartridge and more.
    3. Bicycle Tire Pressure  Finding the ideal tire pressure for you, your bicycle and road conditions.
  • Suspension Forks 101    An excellent bike video on the basics of suspension forks from bikewagon.
  • Wheel Maintanence  from tony10speed bicycle videos: Quick weekly check will maintain your wheels, may prevent unforeseen breakdown, and alert you tire, hub or rim wear are shown in this video. A key to bicycle maintenance.
  • Expertvillage   Many bicycle maintenance videos and repairs from expertvillage (basic to advanced). One of the largest bicycle maintenance video collections. We can't guarantee all the advise since we have not reviewed all the videos, but worth a look.

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