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These are a variety of bicycle tips from wet weather cycling to how to lock your bicycle. We will continue to add to these tips as time goes on. Feel free to contact us with tips of your own so we can publish them (with credit to you of course).

Best Bicycle Tips

  • Mobile Security   How Safe are your Apps. A study by Lookout, a U.S.-based security firm did a study in 2010 found over 300,00 apps on iPhone and Android were stealing user data without user knowledge. What cand we do?
  • Review of 8 Essential Phone Apps  A review of 8 essential phone apps. Which should I have.
  • 10 Free Bicycle Apps for your Mobile Phone  Which work and which just eat up your battery.
  • Alcohol & Endurance  The research on moderate alcohol intake and endurance is sparse but clear. Let's take a look.
  • Best Bicycle Locks  A review of the best bicycle locks available and how to use them.
  • How to Lock Up Your Bike   Locking your bicycle to a near by pole may not prevent a thief from stealing your wheel and other gear. Here are some tips on how to do it the right way, so your bike is there when you return.
  • Bicycle Storage: Truths and Myths  What's the best (and worst) way to store our bicycles when not in use.
  • Bike Fit  Even after you get your custom made bicycle, fine tuning is often necessary to have a comfortable ride. Here are some tips.
  • Bottled Water  Is bottled water safe? Truth or Myth.
  • Caffeine Cavates  How much cafeine is safe? Is it addictive. How will it affect performance?
  • Chosing a Bike Seat  One of the more difficult aspects of comfort, especially on longer bicycle rides, is a comfortable seat. Often choosing a bicycle saddle is a hit or miss effort. But here are some tips that may help you along the way.
  • Cleaning Your Bike Apparel   Tips on the most effective way to clean and protect your bicycle clothes, helmet, shoes and more and make them last. Also see Cleaning Your Bike Kit from Joe Lindsey with additions by Tony Marchand.
  • Cycling Shoes: Truths and Myths  A great deal of information is available on cycling shoes, some true and other information either not applicable to today‚Äôs shoes or just myths.
  • Electronic Shifting: Wave of the future?  What is the present state of the art in electronic shifting. We'll look at some pros and cons.
  • Encounters of the Dog Kind   How do we deal with canines encountered as we cycle? Here are some important tips.
  • Extra Bicycle Storage   Need some extra bicycle storage to stow that wind breaker or carry your rain jacket? Here's a nice tip from my friend Stan R.
  • Four Important Safety Tips  Four important cycling safety tips that may save your life!
  • Helmets  How safe is your bicycle helmet? Take a look here. Maybe the most important thing you read about cycling.
  • Lighter Bikes   Lighter Bikes make you go faster: Fact or Fiction
  • Seasonal Allergies  Seasonal allergies can make your spring and summer miserable. Here's a look at the symptoms, causes and treatment.
  • Sun Screen  Which sun screens are the best? Here are the truths and myths of sun screens.
  • Tire Pressure  What is the ideal tire pressure. Here are ways to determne as well as some rules of thumb.

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Best Bicycling Tips

Anthony Marchand bicycle repair and maintenance information and tips

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