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Anthony Marchand bicycle repair and maintenance information and tips

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History: The web site Tony10speed.com is an idea of Tony Marchand whose interest in bicycling dates back over 30 years. In his home based bicycle work shop, he has been performing bicycle maintenance and repair and become extremely knowledgeable the subtleties involved. Being a member of several bicycle clubs and performing bike maintenance and repairs, gave him the idea to make his experience and expertise in these area available to other via the web in 2010. As a graduate of Duke Medical School and practicing for over 25 years (including emergency room service in the US Army), his training has allowed him to share first aid information that is useful to not only the bicyclist with little or no first aid training, but also to others who may come upon or be involved in any type of accident or trauma. Knowing how to stabilize individuals until help arrives is an important asset.

The web site, although primarily concerned with bicycle maintenance and repair as well as first aid, also contains links to other areas of interest to bicyclist including pro-cycling, track cycling and more. The site is updated monthly with new and relevant information for bicyclist.

Mission: Our aim to to provide information on bicycle maintenance and repair, first aid (for the non-medical individual) as well as bike resources and links to a variety of subject of interest to cyclist. Our hope is not only to inform but also to inspire those new or experience bicyclist to be better prepared and knowledgeable in the area of cycling. Your feed back is important to us. Please contribute so we can improve the site for you.