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Locktown church (built in 1819), Locktown N.J. The congregation became divided on issues. One set a lock on the church to keep the other out. The other section then put their own lock on, and no one could get in. Thus the name "Locktown" was born.

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tony10speed bicycle maintenance and repair and tony10speed emergency trauma and first aid: Our aim to to provide best information on bicycle maintenance and repair, first aid (for the non-medical individual) as well as bike resources and links. Our hope is not only to inform but also to inspire those new or experience bicyclist to be better prepared and knowledgeable in the area of cycling.  I will be adding to the bicycle maintenance tips and repair tips with new bicycle repair guides, best bicycle tools, the best bicycle repair videos, and other bicycle maintenance information. Bicycle crash basic first aid is included: when your far from your home help may be a while in arriving. The bicycle crash basic first aid is geared to just what you need to know to assist and stabilize until that help arrives. This section also includes shock, stings, dehydration and more. The section on Fitness covers cold weather cycling, warm up, cycling exercise and much more. I hope you'll find the combination of the bicycle maintenance tips, bicycle repair tips, bicycle tools, bicycle repair videos, bicycle crash basic first aid, bicycle resources and links and the additional sections useful. Feed back is important in improving this site, so don't hesitate to Contact Us.Type your paragraph here.